“Walking the Way”

How is Saint Mark’s Walking the Way of Jesus Christ?

Parishioners share ways in which the Holy Spirit has been active in the life of Saint Mark’s as part of the 2016 annual stewardship campaign — which began with the ancient tradition of “Beating the Bounds,” or walking the boundaries of the grounds of the parish.

“Beating the Bounds” — a medieval English tradition which continues to this day in many congregations and launches Saint Mark’s Stewardship campaign for 2015.

Amy Keller shares a lesson on stewardship with children of the Godly Play program.

Dave Campbell gives an overview of Christian giving and thankfulness.

Seth Wymer shares some of his own journey on giving to the church and giving in our own lives.

A Personal Theology of Stewardship

Join ImageEach person brings their own unique experience of giving and ways in which they support the ministry of their faith communion. Discover how parishoners from other years have wrestled with topics such as “why should I give?” “how much can I afford to give?” and “how God has been an active part of my personal stewardship.” Click on the following links for videos and messages from prior years.

2014 “Flourish in Faith”

2013 “Blessed to be a Blessing”