“Flourish in Faith”

How is faith flourishing at Saint Mark’s?

Six parishioners share ways in which the Holy Spirit has been active in the life of Saint Mark’s as part of the 2014 annual stewardship campaign.

Christian Formation

John Olmstead describes a passionate commitment to the education of our young people – from “Godly Play” for our younger children to “Journey to Adulthood” for our tweens and teens.

Music and Choir

Karen Koster talks about the role music ministry has played in the life of her family for decades, and shares why her husband and two teenage sons are dedicated members of Saint Mark’s Choir.


Outreach Vestry-person Pat Iams reports on the many ways in which Saint Mark’s members are at the hands of Jesus Christ at work in our community and world.


Stephen Ministry Co-Leader Pat Barton tells us about the many pastoral care ministries that support us along our Christian journey.

Search and Discipleship

Search Committee member Bill Silliman reports on the progress of the search for an assistant rector, and the role we all play as “ministers” in our community.

IMG_1449_webA Personal Theology of Stewardship

Each person brings their own unique experiences of giving and ways in which they support the ministry of their faith communion. Discover how three parishioners wrestled with topics such as “why should I give?” “how much can I afford to give?” and “how God has been an active part of my personal stewardship.”

“Sharing the Story”

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