Via Media

DSC00211Experience an opportunity to explore the formational elements of Christianity, Anglicanism, and the Episcopal Church with food and fellowship as we “ask 21st Century Questions” together.

8 Building Blocks of Faith - 8 Simple Meals - One Holy Eucharist



One group will form for eight weeks on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 in the Canterbury Center. The ninety minute session includes a simple meal, short video presentation, and discussion.

Seven participants and a facilitator comprise each Via Media group.

Subsequent groups will form throughout the year until every person has had a chance to participate.

Sign-up on the “Small Groups” kiosk in the Parish Hall. The next group begins January 4th, 2017.


What is "Via Media"?

A Wonderful opportunity to Explore Anglicanism's "Middle Way"!

DSC02121(75)Via Media is a tool for evangelism designed to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ Jesus and to present the Episcopal Church in a contemporary context.

Via Media celebrates who we are as American Anglicans and invites others to “taste and see,” offering seekers both content and context for conversations about Christianity from an unabashedly Anglican perspective.

Via Media is grounded in the traditional Anglican perspective balancing Scripture, Tradition and Reason. It is rooted in Trinitarian theology and offers a diverse, compelling witness to the unique way of being Christian that is the “Middle Way” of our Anglican heritage.

Via Media invites those seeking spiritual community to explore Anglican Christianity through a non-threatening eight-week course of study, prayer and conversation surrounded by radical hospitality.

For more information on the Every Voice Network visit their website Here.



Who ImageIn 2001 a group of Episcopalians realized the church was in need of a “place to ask 21st Century questions” that brought together Anglican theology, history, ethics, and spirituality in an authentic and unapologetic way.

Forming the Every Voice Network they invited various speakers to All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. California, for a series of eight short conversations around topics such as “Creation”, “Incarnation”, “Sin”, The Bible”, and “Resurrection”. They then developed a unique curriculum that embraced diversity and fellowship while fostering a spirit of Christian community.

What parishioners are saying about Via Media!

“A GREAT experience. I am not alone!”

“The diversity and credentials of the speakers and the quality of the videos was outstanding.”

“A great way to deepen and articulate your faith.”

“A delight and an inspiration!”

A Who's Who of Contributors

The following were kind enough to provide their time and talent to the video segments of via media.

A. K. M. Adam
– Has a popular weblog and is in touch with cutting edge internet technologists
– Has written about what the Church needs to know about Napster
– Has studied the relation of the Bible and the AIDS Memorial Quilt
– Teaches New Testament and Early Church History at Seabury-Western Seminary

J. Edwin Bacon, Jr.
– Left law school for Baptist seminary
– Became an Episcopalian after years as a Baptist preacher
– Active in international, interfaith peace and justice ministries
– Received honorary Doctor or Humanities Degree in 1999
– Rector, All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA

Malcolm Boyd
– Episcopal priest
– Loves BLT-with-avocado sandwiches and curling up with a new issue of Opera News
– Was a production partner of Mary Pickford and served as president of the Television Producers OAssociation of Hollywood
– Book ‘Are you Running with Me, Jesus?’ was a national best seller in 1965
– Poet/writer in residence Cathedral Center of St. Paul, Los Angeles

Mark Bozutti-Jones
– Native of Jamaica
– Former Roman Catholic Jesuit Priest and Missionary in Latin America
– Left the Catholic Church to marry his wife, Kathy
– Author of several books, including biography of Bishop Barbara Harris
– Ordained Episcopal priest in 2003
– Associate Rector, Christ Church, Cambridge, MA

Rebecca Brown
– Director of a United Methodist high school program in Florida for 17 years
– Student in the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA
– BM in Sacred Music from the University of Florida
– Does youth seminar work for the Episcopal Diocese of California and Trinity Institute in New York
– Is involved in a project in the San Francisco Bay Area called “Streetlight”

Jonathan Callard
– Has worked as University fund raiser, college counselor and lacrosse coach
– Founded an alternative Christian worship service designed for 20’s and 30’s folk
– Has performed music on the streets of Boston
– Volunteers as online facilitator for Every Voice Network’s burgeoning weblog community

R. William (Bill) Carroll
– Earned a degree in philosophy from Harvard University
– Ph.d in Christian theology, expected 2004, University of Chicago Divinity School
– Hopes to be ordained a priest in late January 2004
– Married for 10 years
– Son has Down Syndrome and is active in Down advocacy groups.
– Junior Fellow in Systematic Theology School of Theology, The University of the South

Steven Charleston
– Former bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska
– Executive Director of National Committee on Indian Work at the Episcopal Church Center
– Chair of the House of Bishops’ Justice, Peace and Integrity for Creation task force
– Article on Matthew Shepard published in Southern Voices
– President and Dean, professor of theology Episcopal Divinity School

Shannon Ferguson Kelly
– Native of Idaho
– Graduate Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA
– Worked in church camps during high school and college
– Senior Associate, Children, Youth and Families Ministries, All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA
– Hopes for a world where children can grow up knowing peace, justice and love rather than hate and prejudice

Nora Gallagher
– Her book Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith, was a best seller
– Recently published ‘Practicing Resurrection: A Memoir of Work Doubt, Discernment and Moments of
– Edited a book of essays on the outdoors and one on women’s diaries
– Covered the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua and the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
– Assigns and edits environmental essays for Patagonia, Inc., an outdoor clothing manufacturer

Michael Hopkins
– Former chair of the Washington D.C. Commission on Liturgy and Music for several years
– Former national president of Integrity
– Rector of St. Luke & St. Simon Cyrene Episcopal Church parish

Jay Johnson
– Raised in the Evangelical Free Church
– Ph.D in Philosophical Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA
– Adjunct Professor, PSR
– Finishing book on the practice of hope in Anglican theologies
– Associate Clergy, Church of the Good Shepherd, Berkeley, CA.

Tracey Lind
– Episcopal priest and city planner
– Worked for 30 years in urban and suburban congregations and nonprofit organizations
– Involved in environmental sustainability, historic preservation and community development
– Photographer who has shown in juried shows
– Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland OH

Ernesto Medina
– Leads international workshops on leadership and discernment
– Former pastor of the Congregation of St. Athanasius, Los Angeles, CA
– Provost and executive officer Diocese of Los Angeles

Altagracia Perez
– Born in the Bronx
– Spoke to Bill Clinton about AIDS during a White House prayer breakfast.
– Believes politics is not a dirty word just because a lot of dirty people are involved in it.
– Advocate for workers rights
– Rector of the Church of St. Philip the Evangelist, in South Central Los Angeles, CA

Catherine S. Roskam
– Worked in theater as an actress and a producer in New York prior to becoming a priest
– First female to ever become bishop in the State of New York and only the fourth female bishop in the Episcopal Church in the USA
– Member of the House of Bishops Theology Committee
– Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of New York

Susan Russell
– Cradle Episcopalian
– Ordained in 1996 in her native Diocese of Los Angeles
– Community Manager, Every Voice Network
– Executive Director, Claiming the Blessing
– Episcopal Church Women (ECW), EWC

Stephanie Spellers
– Religion major, Wake Forest College
– Became a Christian at Harvard Divinity School
– Became an Episcopalian in 2000
– Created the Radical Welcome project to study inclusion and diversity in the Episcopal Church
– Student at Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA

Kay Sylvester
– Native of Colorado
– Came to the Episcopal Church as a “recovering fundamentalist”
– CDSP seminary graduate, Berkeley, CA and EFM Mentor
– Candidate for priesthood in the Diocese of Los Angeles
– Loves Dr. Pepper, egrets, red rocks, Irish music, liturgy, the guitar
– Parish Development Coordinator, St. Paul’s Church, Tustin, CA

Phyllis Tickle
– Contributing Editor in Religion for Publishers Weekly
– Frequently quoted in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, PBS
– Author of two dozen books on religion and spirituality
– Recently wrote a three-volume contemporary manual of prayer
– Lives on a small rural farm in West Tennessee
– Serves on advisory and corporate boards

Winnie S. Varghese
– Born and raised in Dallas, family is from India
– Believes people with a sense of adventure need to lead the church
– Writes for The Witness online
– Chaplain at Columbia University

Sandye Wilson
– Has started 26 congregations, a hospital and an orphanage
– Was a Wall Street executive
– Worked for Time Magazine
– Rector at St. Andrew and Holy Communion Church, South Orange, NJ

Keith Yamamoto
– Native of California
– Cradle Episcopalian
– Grew up in historic Japanese American congregation
– Has worked for the Episcopal Church in Havana, Cuba
– Associate rector St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church, San Juan Capistrano, California