Famous Episcopalians and Noteworthy Anglicans


Lancelot Andrews +

John Wesley +

Thomas Cranmer + Thomas_Cranmer_by_Gerlach_Flicke

William Laud +

Edward Pusey +

Samuel Seabury +

John Donne +

John Keble +

Absalom Jones + Legacy_absalomjones_1

David Pendleton Oakerhater +

Desmond Tutu


United States Presidents

George Washington





James Madison

James Monroe

William Henry Harrison

John Tyler

Zachery Taylor

Franklin Pierce  fdr-color-P

Chester A. Arthur

Theodore Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gerald Ford





George H.W. Bush





 American Patriots

Alexander Hamilton

Francis Scott Key

Patrick Henry

Betsy Ross

Martha Washington

Prominent Figures

Madeleine Albright





James Baker

Tony Blair

David Cameron

Prince Charles

Walter Cronkitec8eo9ji0a2mr8c

Winston Churchill

Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth II





King George VI

Prince Harry

Brit Hume

Peter Jennings

Robert E. Lee

Princess Catherine





John Major

Sandra Day O’Conner





George Patton

Colin Powell







Norman Rockwell

Margaret Thatcher

Melania Knauss-Trump

Queen Victoria

Casper Weinberger

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Prince William

Social Reformers

Florence Nightingale +

Amelia Jenks Bloomer +

Elizabeth Cady Stanton +

Sojourner Truth +

Harriet Ross Tubman +

Julia Chester Emery +

Eleanor Roosevelt

Betty Ford


Scientists and Explorers

Buzz AldrinAldrin

Charles Babbage

Sir Francis Bacon

Robert Boyle

Captain John Cook

Sir Charles Darwin

Hannibal Goodwin

Robert Hooke

Edward Jenner

Guglielmo Marconi

Margaret Mead


Jane Austin

James Blish

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Anne Bronte

Charlotte Bronte

Emily Bronte

Lewis Carroll

Philip K. Dick

Charles Dickens

T.S. Eliot

King Henry VIII





George Herbert +

Henry James

John Keats

P.D. James

Madeleine L’Engle

C.S. Lewis +


J. K. Rowling

Dorothy Sayers

William Shakespeare William-Shakespeare-portr-007

Percy Blythe Shelley

Mary Shelly

John Steinbeck

Bram Stoker

Evelyn Underhill +

Oscar Wilde

Tennessee Williams

William Wordsworth

Actors and Musicians

Julie Andrews

Fred Astaire

Humphrey Bogart


Mariah CareyBONO1

Charles Chaplin

Natalie Cole

Judy Collins

Katie Couric katie-couric_20110326005844

Courtney Cox

Cecil B. DeMille

Duke Ellington

Jonathan Frakes

Jerry Garcia

Judy Garland

Cary Grant

Sir William Gilbert

Lillian Gish

Tom Hanks






Olivia de Havilland

Liam Hemsworth  Liam+Hemsworth+Dolce+Gabbana+Cannes+2013+3

Eric Idle

Katherine Jenkins

Garrison Keillor

Angela Lansbury

Mary Martin

Ethel Merman

Liza Minnelli

Mike Myers

Van Morrison

Edward Norton

Ashley Olson

Mary Kate Olsen Mary-Kate-Olsen-Net-Worth

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Michael Sheen

Parker Stevenson

Sir Arthur Sullivan

Kate Upton

Vince Vaughn

Sam Waterstone

Robin Williams






Kate Winslet kate-winslet-baby-name

Reese Witherspoon

The above individuals were born into, became, or once considered themselves part of the Anglican tradition.


Those designated + are recognized in Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Lives of the Saints – a liturgical resource of the Episcopal Church.

To view an online version of Holy Women, Holy Men, click here.