Sinai Icon of Jesus


Jesus lived and taught in ancient Palestine – and died by being nailed to a cross around the year 33 CE. He was a victim of wrong-doing and evil. However, he overcame evil and death and was given new LIFE. He promised his followers that they should expect to travel through life as he did, enduring suffering, and finding meaning and eternal life with God.


God invites US to know Jesus and follow him. This means following his way of life and his teaching as it is recorded and interpreted in the Bible.

A person who becomes convinced about Jesus is brought into closer relationship with God. This means that one who believes becomes more aware of God alive in the life of the world and at work among God’s people.

IMG_6546(75)Life itself and people are of infinite value because they belong to God and God loves us beyond measure.

The Christian’s own life should be one of service to the world and to people, because that is the way Jesus lived, died and lives on.

Jesus promised that God would go on being known to the world and to the church through the Holy Spirit. In this way God inspires and guides people in the Christian way of life.


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