Advent, Christmas & Epiphany at Saint Mark’s


Thank you to the entire Saint Mark’s community for a truly wonderful Advent and Christmas season!

On this page you will find recordings of special services including A Festival of Lesson’s and Carols that took place December 1, the Christmas Eve Children’s Pageant Service, Christmas Eve Solemn Service with Carol Sing, and Taize Service on January 7.

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Festival of Advent Lessons and Carols

Music by Saint Mark’s Choir

Including choral works by F. Guerrero, J. Hunnicutt, I. Kellam, R. Lehman, P. Manz, C. Mawby, C. Phillips, and C. Wood.

Family Worship for the Eve of the Nativity


Children’s Christmas Pageant

Music by Canterbury Choir

December 24, 2023


Thank you to all the children and families who made this year’s Christmas Pageant extra special!


We would especially like to thank this year’s pageant organizers:
Joanne Drew, Betsy Gillespie, Irina Reed, Laura Skoracki, and Pastor Vicki,

and volunteers: Elizabeth Anstaett, Ellen Berndt, Cheryl Boop, Julia Johnson Davis, Roman Skoracki, and Sara Warren.


Solemn Worship for the Eve of the Nativity

preceded by

Carols for Choir and Congregation

Music by Saint Mark’s Choir

December 24, 2023

Blessing of Homes on Epiphany

There is an old practice of blessing homes at Epiphany and chalking the top of the door to remind us that everyone who comes in brings the light of Christ with them and that as we go out into the world, we carry the light of Christ with us.

The writing over the door is traditionally the year and the initials C, M & B in memory of the traditional names of the three Magi who visited Jesus.  As a reminder for us to seek the presence of Christ when we go out of the door.

Use these prayers to bless your home:

Blessing in Homes at Epiphany.

.Taize Service

Taizé services feature simple song and chant, scripture readings, silence, and meditation, enriched by a contemplative atmosphere that includes iconography, candles, and an intimate setting.

January 7, 2024