The Role of Vestry

A Governing BodyDSC02121(75)

The vestry is the governing body of the parish and consists of 15 members of the parish who are elected by the congregation. It is the vestry’s responsibility to be the final decision-making body that hires the rector, approves the parish budget, makes parish policy decisions, and spends the parish’s money on mission, ministry, and maintenance.

The vestry consists of a senior warden, a junior warden, and a youth warden (high school age), each of whom are elected by the parish for a 1-year term. The other 12 members of the vestry are elected for 3-year terms, normally with four members elected each year. At its first meeting in each calendar year, the vestry appoints a treasurer and a clerk. The treasurer and clerk are not voting members of the vestry by virtue of being appointed to office.

The rector presides at meetings of the vestry, which are held on the first Tuesday of the month. In the absence of the rector, the senior or junior warden presides.

The Role of a Church Vestry

Casts and Affirms Vision
Establishes Policy
Approves Budget
Maintains Fiduciary Integrity
Advises and Listens
Delegates and Empowers
Encourages and Motivates
Attends Worship


Monthly Meetings
Major parish events including the Annual meeting
Serve as Sunday Vestry Person of the Week several times each year.
Annual Retreat (an off-site overnight)
Annual planning day