Vestry Resources

The following resources are designed to empower Vestry leadership with tools for ministry and mission.



Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices

ECF Vital Practices offers vestry members and other people of faith, resources and tools to respond to the changing needs of the Church. Building upon the spiritually grounded, practical Vestry Papers articles that have inspired and informed vestry members since 1995, Vital Practices uses the Internet to both expand its offering and its audience.
Vital Practices explores new ways of supporting congregations by building online communities of Episcopalians who share their stories, experiences, and best practices, who learn from one another, and who discover support to help sustain their leadership and their ministries. It includes articles by experts and peers, blogs for sharing ideas about faith and leadership, stories about real life lessons of change and leadership, tools for stewardship, communications, and opportunities for you to share your stories and examples.


 Episcopal Network for Stewardship

TENS is an association of church leaders who understand, practice, and proclaim God’s call to generosity.
We are children of God, disciples of Jesus Christ who feel called to a ministry of transformation through stewardship.

We are sojourners who, along with many others, have some sense that it is through an understanding of holistic stewardship and a practice of gratitude and generosity that we will grow spiritually, that we will grow more and more into the likeness of the loving, generous God in whose image we are created. We believe that it is by virtue of our baptism that we are called to this ministry of stewardship.

Our Purpose:  Helping People Live Generously

Go to the Episcopal Network for Stewardship Here.

Vestry Devotions

Mission Statement

As a Christ-centered community, the people of Saint Mark’s seek a world in which all people share the joy of loving God and each other by…

· Celebrating worship together with inspiring words, music and traditions

· Serving all of our neighbors

· Engaging in fellowship and hospitality

· Encouraging people in their lifelong spiritual formation

· Being a beacon of Christ’s presence in the world