The Lord’s Prayer Project

God wants us to talk to him. Especially when our feelings are as many and big as our actions seem limited and small. This Lenten activity explores all the many ways there are to talk to God.
The Lord’s Prayer Project is part of the Sunday morning Children and Youth Formation curriculum and is geared for families with children grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Activities in Children and Youth Formation rarely include bible verse memorization; however, for this project we will challenge the children to commit The Lord’s Prayer to memory.
Children and Families who are interested are encouraged to participate in a culminating project in which we will produce a compilation of The Lord’s Prayer by all the many voices of Saint Mark’s youngest parishioners.
Children and Youth Formation meets on Sundays from 9:45 a.m. – 10:25 a.m. in remote format. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in The Lord’s Prayer Project regardless of  attendance at Sunday morning formation gatherings. Contact Joanne Drew or Laura Skoracki for more information.

Week 1 – March 7

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

What is prayer? When and why and how many ways are there to pray?

Week 2 – March 14

The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer, but what does it really mean?

Week 3 – March 21

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

Sometimes we pray alone and quietly, or even without using words. Why do we sometimes pray out loud and with one another?

The Lord’s Prayer Project Activity Pack Download

The Final Project

Details Coming Soon…