Organ Completion Fund

“Buy a Pipe” Celebration Continues…

Although the installation of the completed organ is now finished, it is not too late to support the Organ Completion Fund and own a piece of our completed pipe organ! Through our popular Buy-a-Pipe Program, everyone has the opportunity to chip in and fund one or more of the 849 new pipes that have been added to the organ. From the tiniest “pencil pipes,” which are as small as the name implies, to the largest of the pedal pipes, which measure more than 16 feet in length, each pipe is important and has a role to play in the “voice” of the organ.Nave from the Grand Orgue

By symbolically funding one or more pipes, everyone will help “build” the organ into an instrument of 35 stops, 41 ranks, and 2450 pipes. Each stop has its own unique tone color and requires a separate pipe—sometimes even more than one—for each of the 61 keys on a keyboard (or the 32 pedals of the pedalboard).

The grandest of all the stops planned for the completed organ is the Tuba anglais, which will, in effect, “crown the organ.” On higher wind pressure, the Tuba’s regal tone allows it to soar over the combined stops of the rest of the organ. It is commonly found in English organs and is extremely useful in solo organ literature, hymn accompaniment, and choral accompaniment.

Join the Excitement!

advent_evensong_2007-1_webThe completed organ will have 2450 pipes and 35 stops, spread over three manual divisions and a pedal division. Improvements will include the addition of a completely new “Choeur” division, providing necessary tone colors for the third keyboard on the new organ console.

It is not too late to make a contribution by “buying a pipe” today!


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Make a donation to the Organ Completion Fund and “Buy a Pipe” HERE.

Let every instrument be tuned for praise!
Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise!
And may God give us faith to sing always