God The Giver

DSC02213resizedIn the fall of 2016 we had the opportunity to reflect on all the ways we have been blessed during the annual stewardship campaign.  The campaign’s theme, “God The Giver”, reminds us of the source of our gifts and that giving is one aspect of our relationship and ongoing conversation with our Creator.  Just as God blesses us, we in turn express our gratitude for those blessings by passing on a share of them to do the work we are called to do as members of the Body of Christ.

The work of Saint Mark’s which our gifts support is a gift itself—to all of us, to the community in which we live and minister and to those outside our community to whom we reach out and lift up.  The gift of this work gives life and it is part of the work to which Christians around the world commit themselves every day.  In sharing our blessings we not only express the joy of gratitude but we are also taking part in—and becoming ourselves—the vital and life-giving work of the Church in the world.


2016 Pledge Card and Proportional Giving Chart

2016 Wardens Letter

Frequently asked Questions About Giving




2016 Stewardship Speakers

Two members of the congregation spoke as part of “God The Giver” campaign on their own spiritual journey and what brought them to Saint Mark’s. Introduced by Christopher Richardson.

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Campaign Outline

GodTheGiverThe Stewardship Season for 2016 began with the “Beating of the Bound”s on Sunday, October 11.  This ancient Anglican custom ensured that members of the parish knew where its boundaries met the boundaries of the next parish so that everyone could be properly cared for as the body of Christ. Today “Beating of the Bounds” reminds us that our “boundaries” extend into the community and the world at large with a responsibility to serve all of God’s people we may meet. With our rector on sabbatical, this year Christopher Richardson, Assistant Rector, gave the stewardship sermon.


  • In the weekly bulletin, we found reflections written by Episcopal stewardship leaders across the country relating to the gospel reading of the day.  Prayers of the people during those services reflected stewardship themes of “God The Giver”.


  • We received an informational letter in the mail, including a 2016 Pledge card, from the Wardens early in November.


  • We heard stories of personal transformation through the practice of intentional giving from our fellow parishioners—this year representing multiple generations including youth.


  • On November 8th, we celebrated Commitment Sunday, when pledge cards were completed and offered as an act of worship and in response to all that God has provided.


  • As we move through 2016 we are reminded that it is never too late to make a commitment if we have not done so, and that all gifts help empower the ministry of Christ through Saint Mark’s.




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