Flower Arranging 101

How do you begin to make a flower arrangement for the church?DSC05597_web

Discover tips and secrets from Diane Hartney and Cindy Anderson of Saint Mark’s Flower Guild as they guide you through six short videos and construct a magnificent arrangement from the beginning. While many arrangements are not as large or complex, this wonderful introduction includes discussion of basic concepts — and can be an inspiration for any beginner.

Step One

From selecting a vase to picking colors that will be appropriate for the liturgical calendar (see below) and securing the oasis and greens — the creation begins here.

Step Two

Placement of the “architectural” flowers within the chosen shape of a “triangle” and the addition of the principal flowers (yellow roses) are discussed.

Step Three

Greenery and fill-flowers are added to the construction, which is rotated to show the differences between the front and the back of the arrangement.

Step Four

Beginning to look for “holes” in the arrangement — and the use of “fill mums” and “Coxcomb” — help add texture to the shape.

Step Five

Final touches include filling any remaining “gaps” with other flowers resting on greenery, the use of “leather” greens — and soon the arrangement is complete.

In Place

The arrangement is placed in front of the church altar, watered, misted, and ready for its debut on Sunday morning!

DSC03190_webA Celebration of Color

Each season of the church year has its own specific color—white or gold for Christmas and Easter, Green for Epiphany and the Season of Pentecost, etc. Flower arrangements are designed to compliment the colors of the church liturgical year.

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