Faith at Home

These resources are for you to use in your homes or with friends or extended family.

Resources for the New Year

Blessing Homes at Epiphany is a long standing tradition.  You can use this form to bless your home.  You will need a piece of chalk.

Family Prayers.  Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer to add regular prayer to your family’s schedule.

40 Stories from Mark Every Christian Should  Know.  We are reading the Gospel of Mark this liturgical year.

Martin Luther King Day activities for home.

Philippians Podcast:  Several members of Saint Mark’s gathered to discuss the book of Philippians.  The podcast is the discussion of that book.  Please listen and enjoy.  If you have questions or feedback you can email Pastor Vicki at or Dan Morton at

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Other Resources

40 Stories from Matthew every Christian should know.  A series of readings with some reflection questions for at home Bible Study.

Easter Season 2023 Reflections: There is a theological reflection for each week of the Easter season, from a wide variety of writers.

Noonday Prayer:  Think about adding prayers at noon to your routine for the 50 days of Easter.

Rogation Days : Rogation Days are the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Ascension Day.  This year they fall on May 15, 16 & 17.

These are days where the church focuses on the natural world.  Traditionally it was a time to pray for a bountiful harvest.  In recent years they have become a time to pray for those who produce our food, to focus on our stewardship of the environment and to celebrate the glory of creation.

Noonday Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer.

Compline from the Book of Common Prayer.