Children’s Chapel


In Children’s Chapel (grades 1-5), children learn the language and symbols used in the Church through art, song, and storytelling. It begins with a structured, albeit shortened, Liturgy of the Word designed especially for children. Our Order of Service includes:


•  Lighting of the altar candles as a reminder of God’s presence

•  A hymn led by a member of the St. Mark’s Choir or Canterbury Choir

•  Prayer

•  A reading and lesson based on the Revised Common Lectionary

•  Reflection and wondering questions activity

•  Prayer

•  Changing the light of the altar candles as a reminder of God’s presence everywhere, seen and unseen


Our hope for Children’s Chapel is to allow children to experience the beauty and joy of the celebration of the Word and for them to have a dialogue with their parents about what they learned in the service.


For more information contact Joanne Drew.

All Saints 2021

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DL733dwn Harriet Tubman Lesson Download Revised – 2022

DL730 Martin Luther King Jr Lesson Download

The Power behind you is greater than any obstacle ahead of you

Stewardship/The Good Shepherd/Taking care of God’s Creation

stewardship 4.21.24