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We welcome children ages 3 through high school at any time during the program year (September through May). Registration is always open.

Children’s Formation

Lent 2023

The Apostles’ Creed Project

After Jesus came back from 40 days alone in the desert, he very deliberately chose twelve people to whom he gave a very important project. The people Jesus chose were not well-known, or wealthy, or particularly well-educated. They sometimes made mistakes, got into arguments, and had to deal with the poor choices they made.

In Children’s Formation throughout Lent we will learn about Jesus’ first friends, their project, and what that means for us in the world today.

Shrove Tuesday


Winter 2023

Lesser Known Stories of the Bible

The Children’s Formation curriculum will pair with that of Adult Formation in January and February and focus on lesser known stories of the bible.

January 1

On First Sundays of the month children attend worship with their grownups in the sanctuary. Music by The Canterbury Choir.

January 8

Abram Becomes Abraham:  Genesis 17:1-23

January 15

Jacob Wrestles with God:   Genesis 32:22-32

January 22

Gideon:   Judges 6 – 7

January 29

Elijah:   I Kings 18 & 19

February 5

On First Sundays of the month children attend worship with their grownups in the sanctuary. Music by The Canterbury Choir.

February 12


Kid Bible Stories: Daniel from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.

Fall 2022

Parables of the Kingdom of God

Jesus spoke to his disciples about a special place, but it was not like the place they lived in. It was not like any place they had ever visited or even heard of. It is a place where God is in charge —not parents or principals or presidents or even queens and kings—only God. It is a place of joy and peace and where there is only one rule: Love—that we love God and that we love one another. No matter what.

Jesus called this place the Kingdom of God.

Jesus used parables to help his friends understand things that aren’t easy to describe or understand. Using parables to help describe something also lets us talk about it in many different ways so that it can make sense to many different people. Some of these stories help us understand about the importance of having faith, being thankful for what we have, and treating others with kindness and compassion. Jesus also wanted his followers to know that God loves each and every one of us. No matter what.

Learn More.

Download the Parables Activity Packet here: Parables Fall 2022



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