Altar Guild

Altar Guild Member Responsibilities

  • Serves with a team one weekend per month to prepare for the regular Sunday Eucharistic services of the church.
  • Learns what is needed for the above preparation and take-down and what is needed for special services, especially those taking place on Sundays.
  • Finds replacement if unable to serve when scheduled and contact the Team Captain & the Office Manager.
  • Attends scheduled meetings.
  • Actively recruits new members.

Detailed Instructions by task:DSC02967(75)

Leadership Roles

Team Captain

  • Serves as member.DSC03190(75)
  • Communicates regularly with team to plan for weekend responsibilities.
  • Assures that team members are up to date on procedures.
  • Notifies team members of special services such as Baptism and Saturday events that influence schedule for set-up such as weddings.
  • Communicates suggestions to a co-chair, need for supplies to supplies coordinator.
  • Actively recruits new members.


  • Serves as member.DSC03620
  • Communicates regularly with Rector – on Rector preferences, special services, any changes in paraments or serving pieces, etc. (Rector is “in charge” of Altar Guild and we serve as Rector requests.)
  • Communicates regularly with Team Captains regarding any changes in procedures, special services, scheduling, etc.
  • Does scheduling for Thanksgiving Day and weekend, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter and other special services.
  • Communicates procedure changes in writing to entire guild.
  • Actively recruits new members.
  • Assists in training new members and updates training for entire guild.
  • Keeps track of supplies and notifies person in charge of ordering wine, wafers, and candles regarding needs.
  • Assures cleanliness and upkeep of sacristy and contents, sanctuary, chancel and maintains stock of cleaning supplies.

Supplies Coordinator

  • Assures adequate amount of consumable supplies for the sacristy such as candles for altar, torches, candelabra, advent wreath, baptism, wafers, bread, and wine.

Memorial Gifts

Each week there is an opportunity to give the bread and wine used for Holy Communion in memory of a loved one or in thanksgiving for a special blessing in ones life.

To make a memorial gift please click HERE.