What is Your Part in the Story of Saint Mark’s? – Stewardship Campaign 2022/23

The story of Saint Mark’s is created by all the people who contribute to its ministry and mission.

What is Your Part in the Story of Saint Marks?


Scott Milburn shared his Saint Mark’s story on October 23.

You can watch it here.

You can fill out an on-line pledge form,  or you can pick up a stewardship packet in the back of the church, or call the church office and ask to have a pledge card sent to you.

Kevin Fix presented some non-traditional ways to give to Saint Mark’s on October 9th.  You can find the slides for the presentation here.

Online GIVE Portal

Your generous giving helps support the financial vitality of Saint Mark’s and the many ways God is at work through our ministries. Saint Mark’s Online Give portal is a secure way to give by direct bank transfer, credit card, or debit card.

Giving and Pledging

Our work, our prayers and our giving are all about making God’s love visible and available to all in our lives. Learn more.

Seasons of StewardshipDSC03628

Stewardship is a grateful response to all that God has given us, and involves our care for the planet, the church, our bodies and our lives. Learn more.

A Legacy of Generosity

Planned giving, estate planning, and remembering the Church.  Learn more.

  • Ten Things You Should Know About Saint Mark’s and Stewardship

    10.  Nearly 80% of Saint Mark’s annual budget comes from pledges.

    9.  110 households pledged to Saint Mark’s last year.

    8.  Your pledges pay for the building, staff, and supplies that create space for worship, learning, and service.

    7.  Saint Mark’s depends on pledges and on your gifts of time and skill as well.

    6.  You can give a gift of stock to Saint Mark’s. This may give you some capital gains tax savings.

    5.  Our ministries are led by lay volunteers. Can you help with something additional this year?

    4.  You can donate to Saint Mark’s from your required annual distribution from your IRA or 401K.

    3.  To fund the ministry of Saint Mark’s at the current level we need $500,000 in pledge income – or $4545 per pledging household. That is about $87/week per household.

    2.  Could you add $20/week to your pledge from last year?

    1.  God loves you. No exceptions.