Defend, O Lord, your servant with your heavenly grace, that he continue yours forever, and daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more, until he comes to your everlasting kingdom. Amen.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is defined as a “mature public affirmation” of faith. (Book of Common Prayer, p.412.)

For those baptized as infants or young children, it serves to confirm the vows that were made at the baptism. For adults growing in their faith journey, Confirmation recognizes a maturing faith. It is commitment to live more fully into the Baptismal Covenant that all Episcopalians share, and a seeking of God’s blessing and help in doing so.

Those desiring to be confirmed must be baptized, at least 12 years of age, and have completed a course of instruction. Confirmation is performed by a Bishop with the laying on of hands.

The Bishop’s visit is also the time at which those who have made a mature public affirmation of faith in other denominations (Confirmation in any church with bishop’s in the apostolic succession—such as Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, or Moravian churches) may be received into the Episcopal Church.