Organ Completion Fund “Buy a Pipe” Program

Pipes in the Grand Orgue

Thank you for participating in the “Buy a Pipe” program.

By symbolically funding one or more pipes, everyone will help “build” the organ into an instrument of 35 stops, 41 ranks, and 2450 pipes. Each stop has its own unique tone color and requires a separate pipe—sometimes even more than one—for each of the 61 keys on a keyboard (or the 32 pedals of the pedalboard).

Pipe Pricing

Pencil Pipe $50.00 Pencil Pipe Octave $600.00
1-ft Pipe $100.00 1-ft Pipe Octave $1,200.00
2-ft Pipe $200.00 2-ft Pipe Octave $2,400.00
4-ft Pipe $400.00 4-ft Pipe Octave $4,800.00
8-ft Pipe $800.00 8-ft Pipe Octave $9,600.00
16-ft. Pipe $1,600.00 16-ft. Pipe Octave $19,200.00
  Family Plan (1 of each) $3,150.00 4-ft Stop (61 Pipes) $9,000.00
8-ft Stop (61 Pipes) $18,000.00   16-ft Pedal Stop (32 Pipes) $30,000.00

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